Wedding Season Cocktails for the Perfect Toast 

Make your wedding even more memorable with Empress 1908 cocktails!

Wedding season is among us! What better way to celebrate the occasion than enjoying a lovely cocktail with your special someone? We’ll be taking you through three considerations to make your signature sip as delightful as your wedding day!

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  1. Make it seasonal!
  2. Personalize your flavours!
  3. Have fun with your garnish!

1. Make it Seasonal! ⇩

Creating your wedding cocktail to align with the seasonal vibes allows you to take advantage of the freshest ingredients for the optimal flavour experience. It can even act as a reminder when looking back on your special day – fresh summer fruits taking you back to your June ceremony or warm spices and herbs recreating your winter wedding. Check out our favourites for each season below,

Spring – Sakura mojito

What better way to enjoy the spring bloom than with a blossoming highball? The Sakura Mojito by @foodie_renee is a wonderfully light riff on a classic that even acts as a bridal bouquet with the Sakura syrup and fresh botanical garnish!

Summer – Natural Mystic

Refreshing, herbaceous, and vegetal: these are the flavours that will quench your thirst and relieve you from the gorgeous summer sun in an outdoor ceremony. This crisp sip by @erincohen__ beats the heat and is the perfect way to celebrate your big day!

Fall – It’s thyme to dream

A fall favourite from @cocktailswithmenyc on Instagram! ‘It’s Thyme to Dream’ makes for easy sipping by boasting soothing flavours of fig and thyme. Simple, yet elevated just enough as a celebratory cocktail!

Winter – Pomegranate Rosemary Sparkler

We’re all about elevating the festive feel for a wedding, so try complementing tart pomegranate with warm rosemary in this sip by @delight.fuel on Instagram. Light, balanced, and bubbly, everyone will raise a glass with this speech-worthy sparkler!

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2. Personalize Your Flavours!

Your wedding day is all about celebrating you, so why not have your cocktail reflect that? Think about your favourite ingredients like delicious fruits or fragrant herbs and flowers and play around with incorporating them into classics. Try it out with our Empress Collins, which is the perfect canvas to personalize your wedding sipper!

Empress Collins

The Collins is one of our favourite cocktails to create new variations that we know will taste delightful! The sweetness and acidity are wonderfully balanced and enjoyed longer with the addition of soda water. Perfectly refreshing with tons of potential to make your own, we definitely recommend starting here when creating your signature wedding sip!

Tip! Your cocktail can tell stories through your choice of ingredients and overall composition – this is the perfect time to get sentimental and pick particularly meaningful flavours!

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3. Have Fun with Your Garnish!

The cocktail experience starts with the eyes! Here’s where you can have fun with your garnish to evoke the romance of your wedding day. Try some of our suggestions below:

Citrus TWist

The citrus twist is one of our favourite ways to garnish our cocktails – and for good reason! It’s an easy way to add a touch of visual flair and contribute to the overall aromatic experience. Experiment with your choice of citrus and get creative with shapes, sizes and signatures.

Brighten up your cocktail with the fresh aromatic oil from citrus! Check out our favourite styles here!

Bouquet of Flowers and Herbs

As described in our Sakura Mojito, garnishing with botanicals such as edible flowers and herbs not only contributes to the intoxicating scent, but also doubles as a bridal bouquet! Whether you choose a single bloom or an array of flora, you’ll be ready to walk down the aisle. Try options such as mint, thyme, basil, lavender, edible orchids, violets, and pansies!

Tip! Create floral ice cubes for an extra bridal touch with our tutorial here!

Seasonal Fruits

What better garnish than something that doubles as a snack? Take advantage of the seasonal fruits that pair well with your cocktail for extra details of beauty and taste! Try bright berries for the spring, soft stone fruit for the summer, crisp apples for the fall, and tart pomegranate for the winter to elevate the romance of the season and your wedding.

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Now you know how to create the perfect wedding cocktail that’s representative of you! Stay tuned for a follow-up where we will go over creating complementary cocktail pairs for you and your future spouse!

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Sip responsibly!

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