Valentine’s Day Cocktails with Empress 1908 Gin

Love is in the air this winter, celebrate with Empress 1908!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ll be sharing some of our most-loved recipes for the season! Whether you celebrate Valentine’s, Galentine’s, self-care, or simply love the season of love, we’ve come up with a list of must-try cocktails fit for any occasion!

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Romance-filled cocktails For Date Night

There’s nothing like a splash of bubbly to raise a toast to those you hold dear. Any sparkling wine will do— feel free to substitute for your favourite prosecco or champagne, white or rosé!

Pictured, from left: Cherry 75 by @mykalekitchen, Lychee Rose Gin Spritz by @foodie_renee, Rosé French 75 by @takestwoeggs, and Sparkling Cherry 75 by @emilylaurae all on Instagram.

1. Cherry 75

Meet your new favourite date night cocktail! The ‘Cherry 75‘ is a forever classic with a cherry twist. Enjoy this delicious cocktail created by @mykalekitchen for a festive celebration or just because!

Click here to try our classic Empress 75 recipe!

2. Lychee Rose Gin Spritz

This refreshing, floral and fruity cocktail is easy to make and perfect for date night! Created by @foodie_renee, our ‘Lychee Rose Gin Spritz‘ will hit the sweet spot. Lychee and rose are a wonderful combination, especially paired with the taste of Empress 1908 Gin.

3. Rosé French 75

A show-stopping fan favourite from @takestwoeggs on Instagram! This sparkling ‘Rosé French 75’ is perfectly balanced with a crisp & refreshing feel. Add a touch of cocktail glitter for that extra-special presentation.

Tip: You can find edible glitter at your local craft store or online through Amazon!

4. Sparkling Cherry 75

Cupid aimed, fired, and hit bullseye with this twist on the classic Empress 75! The ‘Sparkling Cherry 75‘ created by @emilylaurae is the perfect delight for you and your loved one to sip on.

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Gorgeous sips for Galentine’s day!

The perfect girls’ night begins (and ends) with Empress 1908 Gin! Get together and mix up beautiful beverages that are both aesthetic and delicious.

Pictured, from left: Cucumber Rose Collins by @bitesizedstudio, Rosey Cheeks, and Princess & The Pea Flower by @queenbeemixology all on Instagram.

5. Cucumber Rose Collins

@bitesizedstudio’s pretty pink Collins is perfect for Galentine’s Day! The refreshing cucumber and honey rose flavours make for a fun sipper that all your friends will enjoy.

6. Rosey cheeks

A floral-lover’s favourite cocktail! The ‘Rosey Cheeks‘ is a gimlet twist that’s perfect for a pink-themed Galentine’s get-together.

7. Princess & the pea flower

Live your own fairytale with the ‘Princess & the Pea Flower‘ cocktail. Created by @queenbeemixology on Instagram, this tropical oasis is perfect for those looking for something unique (and a little magical!)

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Brighten your spirits with some self-care (and Empress 1908). Whether you’re enjoying a peaceful bath, diving into a book, watching a rom-com, or snuggling up with your furry friend, the following recipes are sure to elevate your evening.

Pictured, from left: Rose Lemonade, Royal Treatment, & our Chamomile Collins.

8. rose lemonade

This 2-ingredient ‘Rose Lemonade‘ is the perfect sip for a no-fuss evening in!

Personalize with a fun garnish you’ve got on hand, or get inspiration here!

9. Royal Treatment

Practice self-love this season with a ‘Royal Treatment’, because hey— you deserve it. Switch it up by adding seasonal citrus fruits for your unique twist on the original!

10. Chamomile collins

Soothe your soul with the ‘Chamomile Collins‘! This cocktail is delicate, delightful, and pairs perfectly with a good book.

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Sip responsibly!

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