Creating Wedding Cocktails for the Happy Pair!

Tie the knot with beautifully tasty cocktails!

In this next instalment of our wedding cocktail guide, we’re diving into creating perfect drink pairings for the happy couple. Spread your creative wings to tell a unique story through your cocktail menu, and make the big day that much more memorable. Read on to learn about what to consider when making the cocktails representative of you!

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  1. Pick a theme!
  2. Tie your cocktails together!
  3. Tell your story!

1. Pick a THeme! ⇩

This will act as your starting point for establishing the direction of your cocktail pair. There are many ways to do this such as going seasonal, selecting a visual aesthetic to tie into your florals or venue, or using special memories to inspire the recipes.

Take a look at our previous wedding cocktails article for inspiration!

Going with a seasonal theme is great for narrowing down the mood of your sips! Left to right: Spring – Sakura Mojito by @foodie_renee, Summer – Natural Mystic by @erincohen__, Fall – It’s Thyme to Dream by cocktailswithmenyc, Winter – Pomegranate Rosemary Sparkler by @delight.fuel all on Instagram

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2. Tie your cocktails together ⇩

Think of a core memory that’s particularly meaningful to the two of you such as your first date or the day you both realized your love for each other. Bonus points if it was an especially multisensory experience to pull specific flavours and vibes! Maybe you can incorporate a sakura syrup to evoke the cherry blossoms in a spring day’s air or a rosemary garnish to signify romantic walks along the forest.

Alternatively, take a metaphorical approach— perhaps lychee can represent the protective nature of your relationship with the hard shell protecting the tender interior. Peaches can both represent the sweet affection between the two of you and remind you of a significant summer event. There are many possibilities for storytelling and symbolism in your cocktails with enough creativity!

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3. Tell Your Story!

Here is where we combine everything we’ve learned so far to finally tell your story! Consider the ways these cocktails represent you as a couple and as individuals. This should include how they compare and contrast. Is more spirit-forward and the other is sweeter and more bubbly? Do they share a common thread that represents your similarities? Aside from symbolism, the perfect pairing will also help cover your bases in having options that appeal to the tastes of your guests!

Read on for some of our favourite template pairings to play with.

Negroni and French 75

Spirit-forward and bold with light and sophisticated, this pair fits perfectly for the like-minded, classy couple with equal parts mystery and fun.

Martini and Gimlet

Refined and distinguished alongside bright and lively, this pairing represents how opposites attract and complement each other splendidly.

E&T and Royal Hawaiian

Crisp and refreshing with fun and adventurous, this duo shows that you’re here for a good time and that you’re taking each other along for the ride!

Q1908 and Royal Treatment

Soft and delicate to go with empowering and bubbly, this couple has “luxury” written all over to celebrate the finer things in life!

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Finally, pick a name that embodies you and your cocktail, and will resonate with loved ones as they sip and celebrate! Your wedding is an incredibly momentous occasion— what better way to elevate the experience than with delicious drinks that also tell a beautiful story?

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Sip responsibly!

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