Home Bar Essentials: Glassware

Let’s Talk Glassware!

Too much glassware? No such thing! Serving your next Empress 1908 cocktail in the perfect vessel is a simple way to elevate your at-home mixology game. So— let’s get to know the basics! From how to pair a cocktail with the fitting glassware, to where we shop for our staple pieces, we’re sharing all our tips and tricks below.


If you’re just starting out in building your collection, these quintessential pieces are the place to begin. With this line-up on hand, every cocktail you create will be perfectly presented. Read on for the list, and our favourite ways to use each vessel!

The Rocks Glass

Perhaps the most versatile of glassware, the classic ‘Rocks’ (or lowball glass) is a must-have behind your home bar. While the possibilities for this short tumbler are nearly endless, it’s most ideal for serving stirred cocktails like the Empress Negroni as the wide mouth allows for a large ice cube or sphere. Looking to elevate this vessel? Choose a faceted, etched or colorful option!

From left: Empress Negroni, Cucumber Blue, Starboard Sour

The collins Glass

Equally as essential as the Rocks, if there’s one glass to include in your home bar–it’s this one! The ‘Collins’ (or highball glass) is a stunning choice for showcasing layered cocktails like our Royal Hawaiian, Garden City, and Layover. As a general rule, anything tall, refreshing or topped with soda is a foolproof match for the Collins!

From left: Royal Hawaiian, Garden City, Layover

The coupe Glass

Originally created to serve Champagne, the ‘Coupe’ glass has since evolved to present a variety of elegant tipples. In our opinion, it’s best for classic cocktails served ‘up’ (without ice), and delightfully foamy gin sours. It’s always our top pick for favourites like the Q1908 and Theodora!

From left: Westside, Q1908, Theodora

The champagne flute

Flutes were made to feature all things bubbly. The sophisticated, elongated shape is excellent for serving celebratory cocktails like our Empress 75. A flute can be stemmed, stemless, simple or spectacular— but it’s always the favoured way to raise a toast!

From left: Cranberry 75, Empress 75, Orange You Glad


Once you’ve covered the fundamentals, we highly encourage getting creative! Adding unique pieces, like the Copa and Nick & Nora, makes cocktailing at home all the more fun.

The copa glass

The ‘Copa’ glass is the preferred choice for our signature cocktail: the Empress & Tonic! The wide, balloon shape makes room for delicious aromas and flavourful garnishes, like a vibrant grapefruit slice. Our autumnal Spanish E&T, complete with fragrant fall spices, is another go-to for the Copa glass.

Nick & nora

Delicate and timeless, the Nick & Nora is used to serve both classic cocktails and contemporary creations alike. Try sipping the regal Classic Blue, or familiar Bees Knees from a Nick & Nora!

From left: Spanish E&T in the Viski Amaro Spritz Glass, Classic Blue in the Cocktail Emporium Dream Deco Coupe

where to shop glassware:

While there are many wonderful online stores to browse & buy glassware, a few of our favourites are:

Our top choice for building out a personal glassware collection? Visit your local second hand and vintage shops! With an often-lower price tag and ever-rotating selection, shopping preloved could uncover unexpected treasures.

No glass is complete without the perfect cocktail to go with it! For drink recipes, head to our cocktails page, or check out our Instagram!

Sip responsibly!

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