Summer Garnishes

Up your garnish game this summer!

From fresh cucumber ribbons and seasonal fruits to edible flowers and garden herbs, summer garnish season is hard to beat. Are you in need of some inspiration to adorn your next cocktail? Read on for our favourite final touches!


Tired of the average cucumber slice? Take this fresh summer veg to the next level with an all-too-easy technique! All you need is a cucumber, vegetable peeler, a paring knife and cocktail pick (optional).

Step one: Using a paring knife, remove the ends of a cucumber and slice it in half, lengthwise.

Step two: Taking one half of the cucumber, carefully slide a vegetable peeler (Y-shaped is preferred) along the exposed side. Tip: Even pressure will help create a uniform ribbon!

Step three: Get creative with the presentation! Wrap the ribbon inside your glass, pile it high atop the ice or fasten it with a cocktail pick.

Try it out with the delicious ‘Cool as a Cucumber’ recipe!


You can’t go wrong with edible flowers or tasty herbs to finish off a summer cocktail. Knowing what to choose can be a little tricky, so we’re sharing some of our go-to cocktail garden picks below!

Lavender: We love lavender for its fragrant blossoms and gorgeous purple hue! Whether dried or fresh, a sprig of this summer flower makes for the perfect addition to your go-to drink.

Violets & Pansies: The vibrant colour of violets & pansies can make for a simple yet showstopping garnish. Tip: they’re perfect for floating on a foamy sour or coupe cocktail served up!

Nasturtiums: Known for their peppery, savory taste and sunset shades, nasturtiums are the perfect flowery garnish for those who prefer less-floral flavours!

Mint: A classic all year round, mint is particularly delish during warm summer months. Try experimenting with different types of mint: Spearmint, Apple (or Mojito) Mint, and Chocolate Mint are a great place to start!


Finally, go bold with the delicious summer fruits in season this time of year. Berries, stone fruits, citrus, and more are a no-fuss solution for all your garnishing needs!

Here are a few of our favourite fruity cocktails:

Any combination of these garnish ideas will make for a tasty treat this summer. For more inspiration, be sure to visit our Instagram Page!

Sip responsibly!

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