Home Bar Essentials: The Tools

Home Bar Essentials: The Tools

Let’s talk bar tools! Whether you’re building your first home bar, or revamping your current set up, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled our must-have bar tools and where to buy them for your next cocktail night at home!


Shaker: Let’s start with the basics! A good shaker is the key to creating so many delicious cocktails. Between the two-piece Boston Shaker, the simple Cobbler, or even a make-shift Mason jar set up, the trick is finding something that can handle a vigorous shake to combine & cool your ingredients! Our preferred set up is this two piece copper shaker, which you can check out in action below!

Jigger: While we’re all for experimenting and getting creative, with certain cocktails, precision is necessary. In comes the jigger: a tiny tool that helps make those measurements meticulous! Our double sided copper bell jigger features volume indicators down to the quarter ounce.

Strainer: For cocktails with fresh ingredients like citrus juice, berries, herbs or egg white, a strainer helps filter any unwanted bits & pieces out of the final product. Try our copper Hawthorne strainer for a start!

Mixing Glass: If you’re a fan of spirit-forward cocktails, like the Empress Martini or Empress Negroni, why not add a mixing glass to your home bar tool kit? Made of glass with a delicate spout, this vessel is perfect for stirred drinks requiring light dilution.

Bar Spoon: The best way to stir those classic cocktails? A bar spoon, of course! These long, thin utensils are perfect for combining spirits, liqueurs and other distilled ingredients. Check out our Negroni video below for a demonstration!

Bar Blade: Great for opening tonic & soda bottles!


Bar Apron: Ready to look the part? Pick up an Empress 1908 Gin bar apron, hand crafted from leather and canvas!

Cocktail Picks: Dress up your cocktail with our custom copper cocktail picks!

Visit our USA store or Canadian store to purchase all our Empress 1908 copper barware online. Ready to put your tools to use? Check out our cocktail page for delicious ‘drinkspiration’!

Images by @theweekendmixologist (left) and @twolovesstudio (right).

Sip responsibly!

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